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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Change it up with a new finish!

Hello Crafty People! 
     We have all heard the phrase “it has good bones”. “A diamond in the rough” is another favorite phrase that I use a lot. By taking these phrases to heart, we open up so many possibilities for ourselves when decorating our homes. When you do find that special diamond in the rough piece, there are many possibilities for updating it and making it your own. One of the ways I like to update wood is to stain it a different color. To do this, make sure you lightly sand the piece. Unless there are flaws that need to be sanded down with heavier sandpaper, a fine sandpaper should be all you will need. You’ll want the color to coat evenly. After sanding, use a damp cloth to remove the dust, let dry and you are ready for color! Any hardware store should have a good selection of stains available. Make sure you pick the stain according to where you plan to put your furniture. There are good waterproofing stains available for fences and decks, these are a good stain for a piece that you will use outside. I made the mistake of accidentally choosing a deck stain for my indoor wine rack. No worries, though. It still turned out beautifully and now I can take the piece outside if I want to! There is also a wide range of colors available for interior pieces. When you apply the color, use a paintbrush to coat the wood. Once you have it well covered, let the stain sit for about 15 minutes, then use an old, disposable rag to remove the excess. This is all you need to do to have a beautiful, new to you, piece of furniture.

On its way to becoming a shelf above my bedroom window.

Previously unfinished wine rack stained dark for the new house.

     Painting is another easy, inexpensive way to update furniture or other items. You can use spraypaint or paint that you brush on. There is a wide array of paints that you can use. In my previous home, I used an interior satin finish paint to change my old, dated bathroom vanity. I removed the doors (you will only need a screwdriver for this) and lightly sanded the entire piece, including the doors. I rolled on the paint with a small roller and brushed the areas where the roller wouldn’t cover. It was super easy and looked great when I finished. There are also products to spray or brush on that can cover wood, metal and plastics. I have done this with several pieces. I have a great shelf unit with glass shelves that a friend had given to me. My friend, sadly, lost her home and most of her belongings to an early morning fire. I salvaged several pieces from her home that the fire restoration company said could not be restored. After cleaning off as much of the oily smoke residue as I could, I painted over the piece with a beautiful lavender brush on paint formulated for metal. In hindsight, I should have primered the piece first. Now, I know better. When I moved to my new home, the lavender didn’t “go” anymore so I changed it up to flat black. This time, after a light sanding with fine sandpaper designed for metal, I primered the piece first, using an automotive grade metal primer. All of these supplies are inexpensive and can be found in any big box hardware store. Then, I followed it with the flat black color. I love it!

Black shelf had been rescued from a burned home.

As long as you have the vision, you realize the potential of any item with a little spray paint.

This pot rack used to be a red bunk bed ladder that should have been headed for the trash…..
     With just a few dollars, a few hours and a little bit of elbow grease, you can take that item with good bones and change up the exterior to fit your tastes and decor.
Happy Crafting!

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