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Friday, September 17, 2010

Countdown to RenFaire

Hello Crafty People!

I had said the other day that I plan to go to the Northern California Renaissance Faire this weekend and will be making costumes for me and my kids. Well, here is my first costume completion. Please, no one be too hard on me, this is my first stab at such a costume. Although this is nowhere near an exact copy, I think I did a pretty good job of following my vision.

We shopped at the Salvation Army (on 50% off day!) and ended up with loads of clothing to work with. I began with this dress. Honestly, it almost ended up back on the rack because it looked so "Little House on the Prarie", with the high neckline and all. But the material was what I was looking for and I realized that it had a zipper back. So, I turned the dress around and created a plunging V in the back. This was the only alteration to the dress so I moved on to the vest.

This vest was much too big for what I wanted. I took in the sides by about an inch each side, removed the collar and created a plunging V in the front of this, eliminating several of the top holes. Once I did that, it became much more snug and corset like.

I wanted an apron skirt similar to the one in my inspiration costume. This was nothing more than just a fabric remnant. But it was the color and texture that I needed. I used another skirt from my closet as a template for this skirt but I made a mistake here. I made the apron skirt too narrow. So I opened up the seams on the side so the dress underneath would still show well. I also angled the bottom of the apron skirt for fun. I added a black belt and suede ankle boots from my closet and voila. Renaissance Faire costume!

Glad you cannot see just how tired I was after finishing this project!

Happy Crafting!

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