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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dresses and Skirts, Oh My!

Hello Crafty People!
I recently went on a shopping expidition at the Salvation Army where I got lots of loot for not a lot of money. I had a blast changing other’s cast-off dresses and skirts into something cute and stylish (and comfy!!)
When I saw this skirt, I just loved it! What can I say, I’m a child of the ’80s. It was long and flowy and a great summery coral color. But, now that I am 29 years old (for the 12th time), I like my skirts a little shorter. Go figure that it would take me this long to feel comfortable showing a little leg. Anyway, I went from below the knee (unfortunately I lost my before picture) to this cutie. All I did was cut it to the length I wanted, pin the hem and run it though my sewing machine. Super easy!

Now, this is embarassing but I’m going to say it. At the upper left hand corner of this photo, the skirt shows some blue-ish staining. I actually made this stain myself when I put it through the wash. I accidentally washed a black skirt with the load :-(   I’m hoping some pre-soak spray will do the trick to removing that stain!

This next dress looks so cool and tropical. But, as a girl with boobage, the top was too snug.

Since I couldn’t wear this cutie as it was, I cut the top off. I then turned the top of the skirt over and stitched to create a space for a tie or elastic. Don’t forget to leave an opening in the inside so you can feed your tie or elastic in. I went for a tie waist using extra material, however I found this tie to be a bit bulky. I am going to add elastic to the waist instead before I wear this skirt.


I think that this weekend I plan to recover some throw pillows. Looking forward to that! And, maybe a little Salvation Army shopping tomorrow.
Happy Crafting!

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