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Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Friday!

Hi Everyone!

     I wrote about my pelican sighting a few days ago. I promised more pictures but I haven't seen the pelicans again. I did see other fun stuff though!

My other fave bird, the great egret.

My favorite "weed", sweet italian fennel. It grows wild here.

Fennel seed. Yum!

     I picked up this cute skirt at a recent Salvation Army 50% off day. It was a size too big so I took it in on the non zipper side. Since the before and after pics would look the same, I just shot the after.



Jenny at Red House said...

Hi what do you use fennel seeds for? jennyx

Christine @ said...

Jenny, I know that there are recipes out there but I just pop them in my mouth and eat them! Super tasty if you like anise....