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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello Everyone!
     At work today we had "International Day". Basically, it was a big buffet lunch for everyone in the building. It was put on by the various networking organizations. There was Indian food, Philippine food, Mexican food, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese foods and even kangaroo from the Australian table. There were people in ethnic dress and ethnic dances. I wish I could have taken photos of it all but my workplace is rather protective and I would never be allowed to take photos and leave the building with them :-(
     Here is what I did get:

Henna tatoo. I just wish it were darker! Remember, don't moisturize your hands before henna!

Indian bangles
     The Indian table was giving away these super cute bangles. I love bangles but, honestly, I find them annoying when I am typing. Which is all of the time. Here is a thought I had:

Bangles as scarf ties
      It was fun!

     But, what I really wanted to post about is my doors. Specifically, my burnt armoir doors that serve as my headboard. I rescued these beautiful doors from my friend's house after she lost the house to a fire. I simply cleaned up as much of the oily smoke film as I could and left the doors outside (sheltered) for a while to let the smoke smell dissapate. Rather than try to refinish the doors, I left them as is. I just love the "patina" of the burnt tops.

Right now they are leaning against the wall. Soon, they will have eye screws and picture wire to hang on the wall. I'm thinking of hanging them a little higher than they sit now.

The top of this armoir caught fire, burned the tops of the doors, leaving the bottoms undamaged.
      I know I am not the only one having a problem with mosquitoes right now. I live near two reservoirs and lots of marshes. There are lots of mosquitoes in this town! I read that they are repelled by mint. I cut lots and lots of spearmint from the boyfriend's yard. Here, I have them is a Coke bottle "vase". Hoping this works tonight, I have been waking up with bites for days now.....

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