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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Check Out This Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

     Do you love decor au francais? Check out French Laundry. This girl has got it together! She is giving away a copy of The French Inspired Home by Carolyn Westbrook. If you want to be a lucky winner ( I know I do!), hop over to French Laundry and enter.

You might have to fight me for this book!

     I found French Laundry while checking out the blog of my most recent follower, * French Farmhouse 425 *. You gotta see her blog too!


Entertaining Women said...

I'll check out the blogs. Thanks for stopping by my post. When I paint the champagne flutes, I place a piece of blue painter's tape around the perimeter of the glass, blocking off the top inch. It does 2 things. It helps keep the top of your design level all the way around, and it keeps lipstick marks from getting on your painted design. Makes it ever so much easier to clean them when the time comes. I'll look forward to seeing pictures of your finished project. I've also been known to paint wine goblets and interpret the design on a bride's china pattern. I'll do enough to use for a shower or luncheon that I'm hosting for the girl, and then I give them to her after the party as her shower or wedding gift. I also did a number of sets of goblets to use as hostess gifts for women who hosted showers for my son and then my daughter. Have fun painting your flutes! Come visit any time. Cherry Kay

Christine @ said...

Thanks for the tips! I would never have thought to leave the inch at the top.

Anonymous said...

me too!!