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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Rockstar Nephew

   Hi Everyone!

     My nephew isn't really a rockstar - he is about to turn two. For his birthday gift, I found a cool unfinished latching box. I also found some sweet scrapbook paper that says Rockstar! I think he'll like it.
I painted the box glossy white.

The bottom of the box was coming off. I used some wood glue and weighed the box down with the can of paint.

      After the paint was dry, I cut the scrapbook paper to fit, making sure to keep the Rockstar on the left side. I also put some design on the sides. I applied the paper using glossy Modpodge. After adding the paper I applied three coats of Modpodge over the top of the paper. I let the box dry overnight and in the morning, I added press-on letters to spell my nephew's name.

     Well, I started this post with good intentions. Except that, I never got the after photo :-(     I was in such a hurry to wrap the gift and be ready that I just forgot. You'll just have to trust me that it turned out cool.
     I thought that I could grab my after photo after the gifts were opened. Except that they didn't open the gifts. It was a fun party. Lots of kids at Chuck E. Cheese having a good time. 
     Speaking of kids, some of my bloggy friends have the most darling kids!

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     I hope you all visit my friends (after you are done looking at all of my posts!)


Unknown said...

What a great job on the box. I am always making gifts then forgetting to take photos of it. I have a two year old so I'm sure he loved it.

Christine @ said...

thanks! I was stoked when my sister asked me for one for her daughter for Christmas!