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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Decoupage Box

Hi Everyone!

     I did lots today, mostly housework. But, I did work on a decoupage box. The box I found recently at the Salvation Army, on a 50% off day. It is a cute box but a bit boring. So, I found a beautiful antique style picture of a vase of roses. I printed and trimmed the picture and put it on to the top of the box. I used the glossy Mod Podge.

The box. It has a really cool drawer.

Wet Mod Podge.

Personality injection.

     This was it. When it has dried for 24 hours, I will spray on a clear coat for protection.

     Part of my housework duties today was to clean the kitchen. I have had my painted wine glasses on the counter, tools on the kitchen island and lots of other mess. But, I tackled the mess! Yay!

Its clean!

This is were all of the glassware was.

Clean stove.

     Oh, boy. Most of this made it out to the garage where it belongs.

     Anyone listen to San Francisco radio stations? Here is Chris, me and Fumiko with Vinnie Hasson of Alice radio. They were doing a Toys For Tots fundraiser. It was fun to watch the broadcast for a few minutes before our photo op.

Vinnie is second from right. I am wearing my t-shirt/chain necklace.

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