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Monday, December 27, 2010

Kid Crafts

Hi Everyone

     It's official. I have passed the bug on to my children. My 16 year old son walked over to Home Depot yesterday morning and bought himself a giant board. I had to drive the SUV over to pick him up. In my PJs.

This is only 1/4 of the giant board.
     I wish I had taken more photos of this. Glenn used this particle board to make a sword. He hand drew his design and then, using a hacksaw, cut it out. He spent quite a bit of time sanding the sword.

     He then painted it glossy black and white. He had created this groove down the middle, it is painted black in the groove. I would say that this kid did really well for his first (completed) project!

Nearly finished. He was up and painting at 5am this morning.
     Fumiko received an origami set for Christmas. I thought I was just buying paper. Turns out that these papers have designs and folding instructions printed on them. She make a kitty, a bunny and a puppy.
Aren't these adorable?

     I sure hope that they stick with their new hobbies. And, I hope that they go easy on my wallet while stocking up on materials for their new hobbies  ;-)

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