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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Romantic Paper Cranes

Hi Everyone!

     I have been seeing so many paper crafts using book pages lately. I love to read and I love things having to do with books and words. But, rather than copy someone else's craft (awesome as they are, though) I wanted to come up with my own idea.
     When I got married (the first time) I had to make 1,001 paper origami cranes. Its a Japanese tradition and I couldn't get out of it. So, my friends and family and I made all of these darned cranes. And, you know what? I promptly FORGOT how to make these cranes. Kind of funny that this was my idea for book page crafts. Maybe I'll eventually make 1,001 of these.....
     Since I forgot how to fold them I had to find a tutorial. This wasn't hard. I found the perfect tutorial on Origami-Fun

This is why these are "romantic" cranes!

You will need to cut the pages into perfect squares. I just folded one corner to create a triangle, then trimmed the extra end using a paper cutter. Make the first one a template for the rest unless you like folding. Actually, I hope you like it, there is a lot of folding involved with this little project!

I used a needle and sewing thread to make a loop in that little triangle between the wings. The thread was too thin to show well in this photo.

     I've made a bunch so far and I think that they will make adorable little Christmas tree ornaments.


Anonymous said...

I love origami. Not sure if you've ever seen the Federal building memorial in Okalhoma City. Part of it is full of cranes and it is very moving.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I know. I've been wondering about how to keep the garland tangle free until next year and think I'll be rolling it up in a big fabric bundle. That will be fun.

My little cocker spaniel loves vegetables too. Isn't that the funniest thing? Never tried eggplant, so can't compare notes with you there. He had a slice of tomato and avocado a bit earlier. Gobble gobble.

Merry Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'd never be able to do this. There are some crafts that I'm just not good at and paper crafts are at the top of that list. But yours are great!

Christine @ said...

thanks to you both.
I was last in Oklahoma City 2 years to the day before the attack. I'll have to put the memorial on my bucket list. That was a terrible, terrible day whose history has been overshadowed by 9/11. We mustn't ever forget either attack.....

Anonymous said...

I love using books for crafts/art too. English major...can't help myself! A friend of mind made a mobile for her new baby using cranes just like this and it is gorgeous. I love this idea of using books for it instead...hmmm...