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Monday, January 24, 2011

QLD Auction Necklace

Hi Everyone!

     Many Thanks and congrats to Off the Peg for the winning bid of $25! Please pop in for a visit and offer your congrats.

     By now everyone has heard of the devastating flooding happening in the Brisbane area of Queensland, Australia. Make it Perfect is organizing the QLD Flood Relief Appeal Auctions. Anyone can participate by auctioning off an item on their blog or facebook page and/or by bidding on any of the lovely items posted for auction. Payments are made directly to Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal.

     I am excited to make my own contribution to the cause. After having lived through my own natural disaster, I know how important it is to the survivors to know that there are others who care and who want to help.

     I enjoy doing a lot of crafty stuff and jewelry is what I do best. I am offering this necklace with a starting bid of $5.00. Because it is long enough to slip over your head, I used no metal clasps in the necklace, making it friendly even for those with metal allergies.

     If you are located in the continental US, the shipping is free. Payments will be made directly to Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal. I will provide instructions for payment to the winner.

Happy Bidding and Thank You for your support

The necklace is made of semi-precious stone, colored tan with gray veins, gold seed beads and dark brown-black seed beads, all strung onto my favorite necklace string, Braunamid suture material. This stuff ties so well. I pulled hard on the necklace and it didn't break. This is a tough piece of jewelry, I wear my own all the time. Goes equally well casual with jeans as it does with dressier clothes.
     To bid, please put your price in the comments. Since I started the bid at $5.00, the first commenter will begin at the $5.00 mark. Please make your bid higher than the last comment, increments don't matter to me. Increase it by a penny or by a dollar, however you see fit. I will be in touch with the winner by email for arrangements. This auction will end at 6pm Monday, January 24th.


Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

Christine, you are a sweetie. I'm going to start, but will come in at $15.
Hope you don't mind ;)

Christine @ said...

Yaaaayyyy!!! Awesome

Off The Peg said...

Hey there!