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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mmmm, My Favorite Material

Hi Everyone!

     My favorite material is cashmere (who doesn't love cashmere, right?) and last night I pulled some sweaters from the stash and got busy.

Doesn't this wool pile look heavenly? Makes me want to dive in and start cutting!
     I have been seeing these cowl type, aka infinity, scarves everywhere and I thought that they are really cute and versatile.

Payless Shoes
     I tried two of these scarves. I didn't make them nearly as long as the Payless ones, those go clear down to my knees when not doubled up. The first one was easy. I chose a XXL sweater. It was HUGE! I had bought it just to tramp around the house in but it was so large that it was uncomfortable. I cut a strip right through the middle of the sweater, horizontally. Done!


I think that this would be cute over a tank and under a jacket.

     The second one was made from blocks of this blue cashmere (above) and from a tan sweater. I cut rectangles of various lengths. I randomly alternated lengths and kept the color pattern opposite. Since I didn't feel like hauling out the sewing machine, I hand sewed the squares together. I'm sure that this wasn't any faster or slower than machine sewing. And, I did it while watching Cougar Town so it was all good!

Gaaa! I don't like this photo at all! But it was the third try and it just wasn't getting any better. I do love the scarf though....
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are ;-)


Molly said...

I love wearing scarves, they are so pretty and versatile.

becoming claudine said...

Those are super cute! What a great idea and reusing the sweaters is perfect!

Thanks for stopping by my place, I enjoy seeing yours here too.


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

very nice!! i bet they are super soft if they're made from cashmere sweaters!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

the cape on the corner said...

ooh, i love the color blocked one, and that it's cashmere. ooh la la! great job!