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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Join Me For Coffee?

Hi everyone!

     I guess that Tuesdays are shaping up to be "get to know Christine better" days. That's fine with me, I enjoy talking about myself as much as the next person. I just don't want to become one of those egomaniacs who cannot shut fact, I often edit and re-edit my posts and comments to you all because I find that I talk too much about myself and not about you all. So, now I can save all of the me, me, me blah blah blah for the coffee chat!

Will you join us?
Lucky Number 13 hosts the coffee chats, please go check it out.

     If we were meeting for coffee we would catch up about our kids. My son, 16, has me amused, proud and a little bit concerned all at the same time. That boy loves his independence! I feel an urge to reign him in a bit but he has never, not even one time, given me reason not to trust him. So I let him go and resist the urge to bite my nails off. My son is into Furries. He has even been to a Furrie convention. If you've never heard of this, just google it.
 His character is the fox. The kid wears plush ears and a long plush tail everywhere. And, a big laminated fox tag around his neck.  I am so glad that other people actually think that this is cool, proud that he has the guts to be an individual and concerned that this may make him a target for less than kind people. I am hoping that he grows out of this really soon.....

     I would tell you that Miz A's first birthday is coming up. On Valentine's Day. Yes, Chris becoming a grandpapa on our fave love holiday has brought a whole new meaning to this day. I have actually been thinking of making a Pooh Bear quilt for her using recycled materials. Uh, wish me luck on this one.....this will be my first time quilting.

Not this picture but it is so cute, isn't it?
     I would tell you about how much progress my little girl is making in her horseriding therapy! Not my-my girl but one that I work with on weekends, through my volunteer work with DreamPower Horsemanship. I'll call her Rose because her favorite color is pink. I'll call my other girl Violet because she loves purple. But, I'm talking about Rose right now. I was so pleased with Rose attempting to communicate when I asked her to. Not always easy for a child with autism. I asked her to tell the horse to "go". She pronounced the letter G (hard, not soft), clucked her tongue and bounced a little in her saddle. Yay for Rose!!! This is such a far cry from the distressed, screaming child of a few months ago.

     Okay, enough about me. What is going on in your world?


Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

I'm pretty sure comments and other blogs are plenty of space for us all to talk about ourselves! :) That's so awesome about Rose, and wonderful that you volunteer yourself that way!

Me, I'm about to shower and head over to an orphanage that's connected to the SOLD Project (the organization I volunteer for - helping prevent Thai kids from being trafficked into sexual servitude). I can't wait to meet the kids and staff there!

Unknown said...

Well I'm a day late but I do have a cup of coffee. I find myself editing too, I'm pretty sure most people do. I have heard great things about horse therapy and it is so great that you do that.

Amy @ Lucky Number 13 said...

the volunteering project sounds really cool,good for you and your girls! : ) thanks for coffee!

Five Seconds From Crazy said...

Man. Your family is so cool.
I really loved reading about you guys. I promise to be on time for coffee next week!

Christi said...

i'm late for coffee but enjoyed reading about your family! visiting from virtual coffee! i host tea on tuesdays. stop by and join if you'd like!