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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Hey Everyone!

     I am linking up with


'cuz this looks like fun!

Following is my Ten.....Celebrities that I have met. Is it a coindidence that they are all musicians? Um, no. And, only one of these is random.

Eric Martin from Mr. Big. He is the random one, he is a family friend of my boyfriend's family. Met him at a party last year. Nice guy. Very talkative.

Danny Gokey. He is so sweet and adorable. His handlers are a nightmare, though. Un-bee-lee-vable.

    Danny Gokey and me. Don't we look good together? ;-)
Rascal Flatts. I met them before they became mega-stars. Um, Joe Don knows he is hot. I hope that he has calmed down since getting married. As in "hey baby, I know you are here to see me" kind of way. Cute though.

Dierks Bentley. OMG, he is the sweetest, most polite guy ever. Not just the sweetest famous guy but sweetest guy of all time, ever (with the exception of my boyfriend, of course). I saved a beer bottle that he drank from. Is that weird?

Chris Cagle. I would never hang with Chris Cagle the person, I don't much like him. But his music rocks! He puts on memorable live shows.

Blake Shelton. Another super sweetie. I met him while he still had that long, hat covered, mullet. Tall, gorgeous man.

Jason Michael Carroll. Yum. Yum. Yum. Can I take you home Jason?

Jason Michael Carroll and me. Haha, look at me being all bug-eyed. In my defense, it was late, I'd had a few and I didn't want to look all squinty-eyed. Backfire!

Brian McComas. Sweet, cute, great singer. I think that he is a bit uncomfortable with female attention. Rightfully so, I suppose, he is a family guy.....

Aaron Benward (formerly of Blue County). Also cute and a great singer. Wicked sense of humor, Brian too. These guys are so much fun.

Mmmmm. Man sandwich. Lol, bug-eyed me again. Aaron Benward, me, Brian McComas
 Frankie Ballard.  Most adorable kid to come out of the Steel Belt. Sooooo cute and sweet.

Frankie Ballard and me. He is young enough to be my....younger brother. But he's legal! And cute.....just look at that smile.

And there are my 10....celebrity DUDES that I have met. I have also met some great chicks, maybe another Ten on Tuesday?


Anonymous said...

You are one lucky girl to have met all of these people!! Love country music too, so that is great. I once met Mark Wahlberg back when he was Marky Mark, but that's about it. :-) Thanks for linking up!

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

You already know that Dierks is my fave of all time!! He is quite the guy. I have heard that Chris Cagle can be a jerk, too. I met Luke Bryan and he seemed fun and enjoying his new fame. Some of yours I didn't know but sure think that last one is CUTE!!