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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

features ten things in my

Bucket List!

Hey everyone!

     This is the third and final part of Christine's Vanity Tuesday postings. The others are here and here.


You all know what a bucket list is, right? Things we want to do before we "kick the bucket". My list could go on forever so I need to live a long time ;-)

1. Travel more. I would love to see Australia, Greece, France, Germany and many, many other places. Strangely, I also would like to see Cuba and Libya. During peacetime, of course.

Leptis Magna Theatre in Libya

2. See a baby born. My own kids births thru a mirror don't count. Neither do TLC programs. I am a bit envious of dads, I sometimes overhear their conversations of what a miracle it is, how lifechanging it is, etc, etc. While I thought the same things, it was thru a shroud of pain and confinement to a hospital bed.

3. Get another horse. One that is young and healthy that I can spend hours and hours riding into the sunset. I love my old lady but she is all used up. I really only got about 2 good riding years out of the 9 years that I have owned her. I blame her strangles vaccine reaction on this. Horse owners - beware the strangles vaccine. I will never do that one again.

4. Buy a house ranch. I made my homeownership dream come true this past spring, now I want acreage! Then I can have lots of horses ;-)

5. Be my own boss. My intention is to make this happen this summer. I pray that I don't screw this one up. After all, I have a house to pay for.

6. Travel around the country in an RV. And blog about it. Have you all seen the movie RV? With Robin Williams? I want to be the family with the homeschooled kids who sing and dance.

From the movie RV.

7. Have a romance that lasts and lasts. I just love the idea of a couple building a history and a future together and still love each other after "all these years". With two failed marriages under my belt I have already bombed this one. But, Chris and I have been together for 3 years and we are still going strong. I have not had visions of hucking his stuff out the window yet so its looking good so far.

This will be me and Chris on our ranch. The grandkids won't be scared of us at all ;-)

8. Have my home be a destination for my children when they are grown with families of their own. The ranch would be good for this too! I want celebratory suppers for no reason, the kids and grandkids coming over for the weekend, picking fresh produce from the garden and riding their own ponies that Grandma and Grandpa keep special for them.

9. See some of my area's more elusive wildlife. I so want to see a mountain lion, a bald eagle, a bear and a bobcat in the wild. Add to that a wolf and wild bison (are there any wild herds anymore?). I have seen all of these captive but I do want to see them in the wild. From a safe distance, of course.

These guys are so majestic.

10. Win the lottery. I'll need it to fulfill the above items.


Anonymous said...

Yikes, I in no way want to see a mountain lion! :-) But a bald eagle would definitely be cool though. Too funny about the movie RV...but I would totally read that blog! Thanks for linking up today.

Megan said...

Lot of people said libya is a nice place to go too... but yeah NOT NOW. hehehe

Christine @ said...

I saw the bald eagle tonight!! Cross that one off now.....