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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things to Work on in the Car

     Here are a couple of little somethings I pulled together while riding in the car this morning. I used a thrifted blouse and hand stitched everything. Super easy!

A cuff and a couple of hair pins.

I used the cuff of the sleeve for the cuff and the collar for the flower and a button in the middle. To make the flower, I cut the collar off, folded a couple of times to see where I needed a straight cut, trimmed the end and rocked a running stitch through the bottom. Pull tight, wrap your flower the way you like and stitch the whole thing to itself. Add button and sew to the cuff.

I used the shirt hem....

...and sewed a running stitch for the flowers....

...and sewed it onto itself to keep the flower shape. I then stitched the flower on to the hair pin.

     Keep a small sewing bag with a project or two close by at all times and you will always have something to do in the car (or at the DMV or at the airport, etc).

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