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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Show and Share Sunday

Hey Everyone!

Happy Weekend! I haven't been around this week as much as I usually am. I have been wrapping up my last week of work and nursing a sprained finger.
Yes, I took a giant leap of faith and quit my job in order to work from home. I tried for a bit to do this the "safe" way, working part time from home while working the regular 9 to 5. This blog has been a part of that. But with the realities of everyday family life and my monstrous 5 hour daily commute, well, there was no other way than to take the plunge and just DO IT! And I am so excited to get started.
Do you know what stress and exhaustion weigh? I have lost 5 lbs since Friday just by sleeping enough and losing the work and commute stress. I must have said at least 10 times yesterday, "I am so happy!" or "today is Saturday, June 4th", emphasizing that this was the day after my last day, which I have been waiting so long for.
I will be starting this week to chronicle my process, my successes, failures and what I am doing to make this work. I will also be sharing what I have learned from others. It is my wish to make things a little easier for the next person who takes the plunge.
I do have the advantage of being able to do this while not having to take care of small children. My kids are turning 13 and 17 this summer. But I am still a single working mom and I don't have a spouse to share financial responsibility with. So, I have to make this work.
Please wish me luck, I am so going to need it!

Hey, its your turn now! Show me your successes, your failures, cool projects and finds, this is the place!
Please link only your specific post and anything goes. And, please grab a button and display it somewhere. I still get a giggle when I go to your blog and see my button there :-)



Screaming Sardine said...

Hi, Christine -

wow, what a brave plunge to work from home. I've done it for the past several years, but I have taken jobs most people wouldn't - lol!

Anyway, good luck! And wow, what a savings in gas not having to commute five hours.

Take care,
Tracy Screaming Sardine

Lesley said...

I need to get on the stress diet. Although I need to lose about 40 pounds so mega stress would be awesome!
Congrats on the leap!!

Amanda said...

Good luck on starting a new and totally exciting chapter in your life, hope it goes amazingly well!

Thanks for taking the time out to host another fab linky!