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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Super Awesome Thrift Store Sale

I should be ashamed. I have no idea the name of the thrift store I went to this afternoon. It is "something or other ReStore". And, no, its not Habitat for Humanity. Anyway, its a cute place right here in my town. Its little but it has furniture, clothing, a bit of jewelry and some crafty stuff. I went in today because I just had to look to see if they still had the bias tape that I had seen (and not purchased at 50% off). I passed it up then needed it like, the very next day. Figures. Good thing I waited. Today they were offering any red, white or blue colored items for 75% off.

Say What?? 
75% off?
Holy cow! Grab a basket STAT! So, I got a ridiculous amount of bias tape. All of the red, white and blue colors and a few others (which were still 50% off).

And also a ridiculous amount of baby clothing. No, I am not having a baby (and hoping I didn't just jinx myself here). I did a google search to find out what people have the most luck with on Ebay. Used baby clothes seem to be a top seller, the article said that lots of people purchase from garage sales and re-sell on Ebay. So, we will see how this experiment goes. I am going to try to hit some garage sales this weekend and see about getting some more so that I can have some better lots. Those big lots seem to be the ones that move the best.

The whole pile of baby clothes.

I love this little girl's dress.

Isn't this the cutest set? I didn't realized that these pieces went together until I got home. They were sold separately.

This is such an adorable Ralph Lauren dress.

Hehe, don't bother me ;-)

All of this was scored for $30 and some change.


Madison said...

Wow! Thrifting at 75% off ! Look forward to your hearing about your ebay experiment. I see lots of little girlie dresses I'd love to buy and if I sell them off then it's a legitimate reason to indulge.

Madison xxx

Unknown said...

WOW all that bias tape! Brilliant, one can never have enough! great finds here, thanks for sharing

Kat said...

Hi Christine, great post, I too have the head in the sand! My sister reminds me all the time!LOL I flat don't wanna hear some of it! BUT I do have a recommend blog for you re the ebay experiment!
This lady, Rita, in Cali is a MASTER at ebay, check out her blog, she is SO helpful and tells you the how to-s! I found her one late night looking for ways to supplement the income a little :) AND keep my addiction at the thrifts going!
Keep us posted? Good luck! xoxox Kat =^.^=