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Monday, August 8, 2011

Embroidered Tote - Russian Girl Postcard Photo

Hey Everyone! Do you remember my DIY printable fabric from a few days ago?

My DIY Printable fabric. I can't wait to print more!!

     I have been taking my embroidery floss to them. So much fun! And a good way to be productive while I am otherwise just sitting and watching tv. And I have found myself addicted to Investigation Discovery channel lately. Chris is a bit creeped out by my new favorite shows. He said that he will really be worried if I begin taking notes ;-) is my first project. I printed out my girl from the vintage Russian postcard. I used denim fabric for the backing and embroidered the cloth straight to the denim.

Here is my Russian Girl Tote.

I embroidered with the intention of showcasing the different colors and the highlights in her hair. I bordered the fabric with blue bias tape.

I embroidered her pink hair ribbon, blue dress and her brown hair with the golden highlights.

I also bordered the photo with the blue chain stitch.

I lined the tote with this sweet blue floral sheet. The sheet is not-quite-vintage, I think its from the '90s. But so fun and sweet! And 100% cotton, my favorite material.

I created the tote straps with with the same blue bias tape that I framed the fabric with and the lining sheet fabric.

I left the back plain.

I'm loving this bag! I can't wait to make more.....

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