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Friday, August 19, 2011

Planning My New Bathroom

I have a borrrring builder basic bathroom. When I moved into this house the bathroom still had carpet. Yuck! I pulled out the carpet last year and have been looking at the cement slab all year. Better than the carpet but, still, Yuck! I know now that I want to go with the Traffic Master floating floor. I don't want to go with laminate like the rest of the house because I am worried about water issues. I used those really cool peel-and-stick tiles for my kitchen but they don't stick well to the concrete. Even with preparation. Believe me, I tried.
Anyway, as I was about to go to the big orange box for my flooring I got to thinking.....I know that I want to pull out the boring double sink vanity. And I don't want to ruin my new floor. So it will be concrete for a little while longer while I plan my new bathroom.

Here is a photo of the floor. You can see my yawn of a vanity there on the right.

When I first purchased this house I thought it had a Tuscan flavor to it. The roof is red tiles and 13 mature Italian Cypress trees. The inside of the house actually said "cheap", aka, "builder basic". So I  set about making the inside of the house match the outside. I've been having a lot of fun searching for Tuscan style decor.
Here is what I have dreaming up. If you follow on Pinterest, you might have already seen these (and more, expensive dreams).

I did a search on Tuscan vanities and found this cutie.

I plan on doing some thrift shopping today to see if I can find some old end tables. I will refinish them, give them feet to raise them from the floor and give a good coat of poly on the top. Then I will install one of these beauties:

When I was looking for copper vessels I found this copper colored glass sink.

I looked for copper vessels but these glass ones are far more reasonably priced and every bit as pretty. Since the vanities will be separate units I would love to have storage in between them.

I would love to have a hutch like this between the two vanities. I love this beautiful storage and let's face it. I don't need to watch my man brush his teeth while I am getting ready.

I looked at maybe doing a freestanding tub with a shower curtain to replace my shower stall. I am disappointed to say that I don't think the logistics will work. Instead I may pull out the insert and tile my own shower. Later.

And now I am just dreaming.....

I totally look forward to sharing how all of this works out!


Lara Bathurst said...

I love your choice of tub and sink. I can already imagine how gorgeous your bathroom will turn out! Good luck!

Kristopher Diss said...

Those are great decoration ideas, Christine! Did you manage to get those things? I’ve been staring at the pictures, and I think you’re bathroom is leaning towards a more metallic feel. What changes have you done to your bathroom? I think your bathroom is kind of narrow as well. I hope you did some changes to maximize its space. I’d be happy to hear an update from you, Christine.

Unknown said...

It's been two years now, and I'm pretty sure you've finished the renovation. Did you ever work with a contractor? I hope you did. Your great designs will be put to waste when you don't have professional advice in the construction. How's your bathroom now?

Ryann Hoyer @