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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Throw Pillow From a Dress

Hello Everyone!

     Here is a simple one for today. Unfortunately, simple as it was, I still couldn't manage to finish this one today. I have a good reason though! Two of my turtles, Tina and Charlie, were living in a plastic tank in my daughter's bedroom. The tank sprung a leak so we bought them a new stock tank. I spent the evening cleaning the new tank and transfering the turts and their stuff to their new home.

Tina and Charlie in their new tank.
     After some dinner and Glee, I got started on this pillow. The pillow was this '80s country style pillow with a ruffle. The new fabric that I chose for this was a really cool Banana Republic cotton duvet cover in khaki green. The stripe on top was taken from a cotton dress. I turned down the edges of the dress fabric and sewed this on to the khaki fabric. I then turned the fabrics over and sewed the pillow 3/4 around. I turned it right side out and stuffed the pillow filler in.

Duvet cover.
Since I don't want this final seam to show, I am hand sewing an "invisible" stitch. It takes a while and its already 10:30pm. The rest of this is going to have to wait!

Almost done!
Happy Crafting Everyone!

1 comment:

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love that pretty floral!! :) Thanks so much for the visit today. :)