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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teasers and Randomness

Hi Everyone!

     Congrats to all of you Americans who voted yesterday! I am not completely happy with California's results but it sure makes for some lively office conversation.
     My days lately are eaten up by work and commuting. Five hours a day in the car! But, its what I chose. For some of us, it is the price we pay to own a home in California. But, don't, even for a second, think I don't multitask in the car.

Having a crochet project in the car is a fantastic diversion should you find yourself in a severe traffic jam.
     I have taken to keeping yarn and a hook in the car. I was able to whip out this triangular scarf in about three days. Now, before I scare anyone, I only crochet from the passenger seat (or during a long red light if I am driving). I am not quite done with this scarf, though.  I think it needs some embellishments.
     I also want to show off materials for future projects. I picked up these bracelets and necklaces from the Salvation Army during their last 50% off sale. The turtles were just for fun. Funny thing about the turtles, I was actually looking for some dog earrings my daughter had spied a couple of days before. I couldn't find the dogs so I bought the turtles instead. Turns out, the lady who bought the dog earrings was looking for the turtles. When she couldn't find them, she bought the dogs instead!  Dog Earring Lady, if you are reading this, maybe we could arrange for a trade?

Autumn, aka Booger Kitty, likes to help.

     These will all be taken apart for future necklaces. I cannot wait to see what they turn into!
     And, now, for the randomness.

Aren't these cupcakes adorable? These were served at a party this past Saturday.

Ummm. Random place for little houses.

These were behind the horse's hay barn at the ranch.

Fall color, California style.

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