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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random Christine Facts

Hi Everyone!

     I am linking up to The Idea Room, where everyone is telling a bit about themselves. I hope you all join too!

Fact #1. I love country music. Partly because there are so many opportunities to stalk meet the artists.

  • My blog is called Crafty Geordi, after my now 27 year old Green Cheeked Amazon Parrot, Geordilynn. I got Geordi when she was an estimated 9 years old. That bird was rather unhealthy due to a poor diet and, according to the vet, shouldn't have lived past 10 years. She is still going strong, though!

Although this is not Geordi, it looks just like her!

  • I always wanted to be a veterinarian. My mom talked me out of it when I was 13 though, she said that I should focus on my art. I did that for a while, started college majoring in fine arts. I burnt out on that and quit school. A few years later, I became a veterinary technician. Now, I have 16 pets and I never pick up a pencil to draw.....but I do love to craft! That is my creative outlet now.
  • I was born in Winfield, Illinois and moved to San Jose, California at the age of 7.
  • I used to work in an animal shelter. I have wrestled with some very angry dogs and cats. Also with snakes, pigs and an emu.
  • I am still a horse crazy girl! I have loved horses ever since my first ride at the age of 3. I always, always wanted a horse of my own and finally bought one when I turned 33. So I have had my Missy for 8 1/2 years now. And I have never learned how to ride properly.

My old lady is also turning 27 years old.

  • I volunteer with DreamPower Horsemanship. I started out mucking stalls and now I work with autistic children, giving Therapeutic Horsemanship Lessons. Luckily I am really teaching other important things besides riding skills.

My friend Garry giving a lesson. He and I work together every Sunday.
Photo courtesy of DreamPower Horsemanship.
  •  My ex-husband worked for American Airlines when we were married. We traveled to London, Hawaii, North Carolina, British Columbia and we used to take day trips to Seattle and San Diego, all for free (or nearly free). Those were fun times!
  • After 2 divorces and some extremely dark financial times I became a first time homeowner at the age of 40. By myself. Besides when I became a momma, that was my proudest moment.

I got my white picket fence!

  • I am a 41 year old grandma. Sort of. She is my boyfriend's granddaughter. I love her so much!

Here is a fun fact about Amaya - she was born on Valentine's Day.

I thought that I would have trouble coming up with anything interesting for this but it turns out that I could go on and on!


elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Hey, that's interesting . . . most parents push their kids away from art to more stable jobs like being a vet. I love that your mom didn't. Sounds like you found a great fit now though as a vet tech.

Amber said...

I love the blog name! I love how you have a horse---and lots of other animals---sweet!

as if you didn't know this already, but your granddaughter is super cute!

laughwithusblog said...

Very interesting! I am totally jealous of your trips for almost free. Oh how I would love to travel!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Christine, I loved these facts about you.
You are one strong Lady.. Your sort of Gandbaby is darling I would clame her too..

Maybe I can come up with something tomarrow.

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Christine-

I enjoyed reading all the facts about you - It helps to find connection. My daughter who is 23 has been a horse person all her life so I understand your love of horses - mucking out stalls and all. Your little grandbaby is a cutie. Give those cheeks and xo for me.
Happy New Year-
My best- Diane

Fowl Single File said...

Wow! I enjoyed reading all the random facts. I love your cute house - the picket fence is perfect!

Amber Sheaves said...

I stopped by from The Idea Room. I like reading all these facts and discovering new blogs!