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Friday, January 7, 2011

Haha, I Discovered Self Timer On My Camera

Hi Everyone!

     Okay, I knew that the self timer was there. But, I was never inspired to try it out. Until today. Thanks Project Photo365!

     Have you ever wanted something so simple and cannot figure out why you cannot find it? I have been on the hunt for a black cardi for a year now. Granted, I have been looking at the thrift stores (I don't want to pay full price!) but still, a black cardi isn't really a tall order. Oh, and I also have a self imposed sweater rule. Natural materials only. Wool, cashmere, cotton and silk are what I look for. No poly or rayon, etc.
   So tonight, I was going through my wool, looking for something to play with. When I found it. A black Gap v-neck pull over. I got to thinking, could I turn this into what I want? I grabbed the scissors and got to cutting.

Before the great cut.
      I cut the sweater straight down the middle. Notice in the above photo, there is also a bottom cuff. I am pretty sure that this was a men's sweater, especially considering that it was still to big for me, even after I washed it in hot water (it's 100% lambswool). I cut off the cuff, which I love the after effect from this! But, I didn't love the front cut. It just looked imperfect and a bit crooked. So, I thought that I could cover it up.

"Furry yarn" chain
      I have a skein of this fantastic fuzzy yarn that I have the hardest time crocheting with. I cannot ever get done with a second row. I single chained a couple of lengths and hand sewed these onto the front of the sweater. For the neckline, I sewed on a thicker double row length (yes, from a project that I didn't finish).

      I love how this turned out! I have worn it all day at work and it is hardly scratchy and very warm and cozy.

Hooray for felted wool cardis!

Project Photo365

Here is me, not lining myself up to the camera. Too funny, I thought that I had it nailed! Oh, well. This sure showcases what a dork I can be sometimes ;-)
Ooh, as I am writing this, we just had a little earthquake. Yay! I'm gonna run now and see how big it was.  


melissa said...

A lovely transformation! I'm impressed with your self-timer successes, too ;) I always forget how to use mine!

maria said...

It looks really nice! I'm in the middle of turning some old wool sweaters into other things and other clothes as well (although I haven't had the time to blog about it yet).

Anonymous said...

This turned out great Christine! I was a little worried that it wouldn't fit well when you said it was a men's but you really sewed some magic.

It looks great and great on you!