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Monday, January 3, 2011

Some Linky Party Love

Hi Everyone!

     I am hoping to have more of you joining my Looking Ahead Linky Party. Come on, I know that you want to show off your stuff!

Let's make it a little more interesting. In addition to showing us all what you have planned, how about showing those projects that you have already begun and/or finished! This is open until 1/15/2011. Show me your stuff!

     I have had one brave person join my party.

 is the lucky recipient of her first blogging award. She tells us about a question that she is supposed to answer as she receives this award and her amusing answer about why she cannot answer it! She "made up" her own question and answers it for us. This is a very cute post.

Cute, right? Photo from Life-Inspired by the Wee Man
Aren't they ADORABLE? Photo from Life-Inspired by the Wee Man

     Check this out and be sure to join my Looking Ahead Linky Party!

     Project Photo365

I actually enjoy driving in these conditions - rain + fog = fun times! As long as there is daylight. After dark, things can get a bit sketchy on this commute ;-)  This is at the mid point over Pacheco Pass, aka Highway 152. Where Merced County ends and Santa Clara County begins, California.


Priscilla - The Wheelchair Mommy said...

We have about 5 projects going before BAby 3 arrives. I'll be blogging about all of them :D

Finishing the boys' room
moving the playroom
decorating the nursery
paint/tile hall bath
paint master suite

It should be fun!

KD said...

Thanks for the blog love! And yes...those pictures are just too much, aren't they...of course, I might be just a touch biased! ;)