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Monday, January 24, 2011

Year Round Holiday Tree Display

Hi Everyone!

     In the past, I have seen my friends' Easter trees, 4th of July trees, etc. I think that they are adorable. I love the idea but I didn't want to have to dedicate space for a table tree. So I made a tree that I can hang on the wall. But, I didn't want any little branches or hooks that I could run into. I know myself, I would put an eye out! This was the perfect project for:

I have really been looking forward to trying this!

I found this hobby wood at Home Depot. I just used a sharpie to mark my idea.

Just a clamp and a saw, a few minutes later I had my pieces. I sanded the edges and...

...then primed the wood using the magnetic primer.

While the tree dried I made magnetic heart ornaments from these.

Using a sample paint that I purchased from Home Depot, I painted my tree pieces in dark green. After 2 coats and drying time, I glued the "branches" in place. Here it is, with my magnetic heart ornaments! This weekend, the tree will be hung on the wall.
Project Photo365

My 16 year old. This photo made us laugh until I cried, he looks so sinister here! He hates when I take his photo, he either ducks away or makes faces. But he looked so darned cute with Autumn in his arms! I couldn't resist.....


Dominique @ Craft Couture said...

cute cute cute.
Thanks for linking up to my party & stopping by my blog, hope to see you there next Monday! :)

Molly said...

Your 'Heart' tree is lovely Christine. Perhaps it could be a 'Valentine' (14th February) tree too!