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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Show and Share Sunday

Hi Everyone!

     I've got nothing to show for myself today except for three half done projects, lol! I spent Saturday doing regular ol' housework. I also partially trimmed an extremely overgrown bush which was interfering with my Dish signal. Can't have that!! The bush is in full bloom and is so wonderfully fragrant, I didn't have the heart to completely trim it back. I also cleaned and organized my pantry. I haven't had an organized system in there, ever, and I have been here almost a year. I found 3 bags, all opened, of the same rice! Now things are segregated according to use. Canned foods have their own space, baking supplies have another and beans and rice and pastas have their own. Aahhh, so much better! Next, I will have to organize the master bathroom.....

     Hopefully you all have some finished projects to show off!

Now its your turn to show the rest of us your scores, accomplishments and whatever else ya got.
Come as you are, bring your besties and join along. It goes on all week.
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Party on!


Missy said...

I wish I had something to share! Maybe I will next week. :)

petitehermine said...

Oooo, how I love linkies :) Btw, your orange scarf project has been featured in my Sunday Linky this week! Check it out here :)