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Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Day of Working From Home

 Hey Everyone! Whoo-whee, this final day of spring was a warm one here. And tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. I was very uncomfortable when I was outside today taking photos. Tomorrow maybe I'll work from inside the pool ;-)
Yesterday I found a postage scale at Walmart. I totally needed this tool so that I can know how much to charge for shipping when I list on Etsy or Ebay.
Speaking of Ebay, I found this cool feature, Ebay to go. I had to do a search to find this but once I did find it I was pleased at how easy it is to use! BTW, I am not doing a paid advertisement for Ebay. I was not in any way contacted by them. (I can be bought though! Hello? Ebay?)

How cool is this, right? And, yes, I am selling this silver plate flatware and the bracelet. And making my own storage bags from thrifted velvet. Fun stuff!

1 comment:

Madison said...

LOL! Ebay should be knocking on your door soon! It is a cool widget. I must go investigate that one.

I've passed a few blog awards on to you and your gorgeous blog.

Madison xxx