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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby Goats!

     I love that my kids dig the same things that I do! If you have spend any time reading Crafty Geordi then you might know that we are a bunch of animal lovers (aka, suckers). We have so much fun sharing special experiences such as what we did today.
     At the barn where I volunteer every week are a small herd of goats. The oldest and biggest goat, June Cleaver, is a new mama. I took Fumiko to the barn this afternoon to play with the babies and of course, I had to bring my camera. There were a few iffy moments there, cameras and goats don't exactly go together.....

Baby was chewing on Fumiko's tank top.

She asks for attention already! She is only 6 days old here.

Mama posing for the camera phone.

The two big kids. They are about 5 months. Even though June isn't their mama, they are still missing her now.

Me with the baby girl. There is also a baby boy.

Baby girl with June Cleaver.

Baby girl.

Baby girl again. Baby boy has an eye infection right now and doesn't feel much like playing. (He will be seeing the doctor tomorrow)

If I had been able to have experiences like this as a kid, I would have been so STOKED!

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