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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Show and Share Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I have spent most of the evening (and night!) making some changes to my blog. One thing that I have really, really been wanting to do was to add those cute little widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and RSS Feed. I have had more problems finding those widgets in internetland. Then I had a real DUH moment! I know how to make these myself! I really cannot tell you why I didn't think of this sooner. ( I guess that's why the smart ones hire out for this stuff) I posted a tute, check it out if you are having the same issues.
And now its time for the real show. I don't have any rules. Post your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page. Or your Etsy page. Hell, post your Ebay store link! Oh, yeah, post your latest and greatest craft creations here too! I'm not the link police but I do hope that you will grab a button or otherwise link my party for others to find.

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