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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Misadventures in Sewing

Hello Crafty People!

     Today, all I can say is "Oops!!". You have seen that I love to change dresses into skirts or cut and redo skirt lengths to make something new and current. One piece that I love is my leopard nightgown into skirt.
I wore this skirt to work and loved it. It was so comfy and I thought it looked cool. But, when I washed it, I noticed that the elastic twisted inside. NOT comfy! I need to fix this before I wear it again.

This next skirt is going to be a little more difficult to rework. At least, for me it will be. This is a peach colored skirt that I shortened. I didn't cut straight and the back of the shirt is a little shorter in the middle, making a slight A shape in the back. I already have a problem with pregnant butt under my skirts, the shorter hem in back is not good! The problem for me is, I will need to go a bit shorter to get it right. I am not sure yet if this new length will be suitable for work....

If you remember the original post, you might remember the stains on the skirt. I am happy to say, they came out!!
Oh, well, we live and learn from our mistakes, right?
Happy Crafting!

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