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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Fairy Costume

Hi Everyone!

     I attended my friend's "Rocktober" party yesterday and had a blast! Although its a celebration of many things, it was also a costume party. Which means, I needed to be ready early this year. I thought about going as a Renaissance Wench but that does nothing to satisfy my creative cravings. Since I troll the Salvation Army on 50% off days, I left myself to the mercy of the thrift store selection.

     My mind's eye saw this:

Strapless Tulle Prom Dress Holiday Formal Ball Gown Gold Embroidery - Small

     Unfortufately I didn't find any 50's style prom dresses. But, I did find a sweet, floor length pink dress with ruffly shoulders and trailing detail on the front. Oh, and some stains. Hmmm. But, I did like the dress and it was too tight fit like a glove so I bought it any way.

     With only the slightest vision of what I was going to do with this dress, I shopped around some more to look for pieces that could sacrafice themselves for my project. I found this cute girls dress.

     And, this romantic sheer robe. Looks like something one would pack for their honeymoon. Sorry, beautiful robe, this is not to be your fate.

    With all of the pieces together, I decided on the tooth fairy as my costume. Using 3 wire hangers and part of the robe, I fashioned wings. I took two of the hangers and bent them and using the hook tops, hooked them together and fastened them with packing tape. The third hanger I unbent, then bent into the small double wing shape. I fastened this with tape as well. I wrapped the white robe material over each wing and fastened with white thread wound around and tied. I used part of the ruffly
hem of the girl's dress to cover said tape.

     Using more of the dress ruffle, I used a running stitch to gather the material into a flower. I fastened this to the wings. I removed the tie back from the girl's dress to make the shoulder straps for the wings.

     The flower was awfully floppy (I really should have expected this) so I stitched the top of the flower to the shoulder straps. Not perfect but it's cute.

     To address the stains in front of the dress I cut lengths of the white robe material. I stitched these to the front of the ribbony detail on the front of the dress. The robe had some beautiful lacy detail on it. I cut half of one of the lace triangles and attached them to the top of the now white and pink ribbony detailing.

     With the dress and wings done, all I need is my magic fairy wand! I bought a silver star wand from the costume shop for only $2.00.

     Using scraps from my dress project, I tied ribbon and lengths of the pink fabric and the white robe fabric around the stem of the wand. Now it's fancy.

     Party time! I was thrilled that everyone actually knew that I was the tooth fairy. It was a lot of fun.


Keepapi Creative said...

very pretty! Did you manage to score any teeth?!

Christine @ said...

LOL! Thanks for the compliment. No teeth this time, all of the "kids" were too old ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great job! It makes me want to make a costume, though I have no parties to go to. Love it!

Christine @ said...

Thanks, Verity! Ya know, I have the same problem at Christmas. No parties.....this year I'm making my own ;-)