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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who Loves Horsies? And Kids Riding Horsies?

Hi Everyone

     Check out the sweet little girl in the photo directly under Rebekah Children's Services. I work with this sweetheart every Sunday. I cannot say any more due to confidentiality laws, although I wish I could!
     She is just one of many children and adults receiving services from DreamPower Horsemanship. Due to the recession, donations have been down. Even so, DreamPower has been expanding its services, the newest ones being Horses for Heroes and Horse Power Group for Adults Living With Cancer. We really need your help! DreamPower is asking for donations to help fund these programs and to feed the horses who make it all possible.
     Even if you cannot donate, please find some space in your blog, your Facebook page or on Twitter to repost this and get the word out. Please go to Facebook and look up DreamPower Horsemanship. Hit "Like" and please share this with your family and friends. A million thanks to all of you!
     Please continue to scroll down after reading the newsletter for DreamPower photos.

Horses for Heroes

A couple of heroes!

Lexie the cookie monster!
T.C. and Rocky. T.C. recently left us at the age of 27.

Written by Martha on October 5, 2010:
Heartfelt thanks to Ron Woolf, who donated 8 stacks (480 bales or one semi-truck load of hay) to DreamPower today. That's approximately 52,800 pounds or more than 26 tons of hay. Thank you, Ron, for your wonderful generosity! Here is a photo of Garry Stauber with the donated hay.

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