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Monday, November 29, 2010

Teal Necklace

Hi Everyone!

     Tonight I made a quickie necklace. These are great for Christmas (or birthday) gifts because they are inexpensive and easy to make and the results are so good! I used shell beads from the Salvation Army (remember the sneaky peak?) necklace that I took apart.

I used shells from both white necklaces.
      I also used teal beads and silver oval beads and strung them in a pattern. I made another string with just the teal beads and white shells. Both strings were attached to a jump ring on each end, held in place using crimp beads. Since this necklace doesn't have beads going all the way around, I used two ribbons, teal and white, and tied the ends to the jump rings and the other ends will tie the necklace. This makes the necklace adjustable and pretty at the same time. And, hopefully it won't catch the baby hairs on the back of my neck ;-)     That makes me nuts! I burned the raw edges of the ribbons so that the ends won't fray.

Easy necklace!
     Here is how we spent Friday. This teak hutch has been in the garage since we moved into this house. We re-arranged some furniture and Chris had the genius idea to put the hutch against this wall in the living room, instead of the bedroom like I had planned. I pulled out the Christmas dishes and put them on the shelves. I love it here. It is so festive next to the tree.

     Have you (or your family member) had an unexpected bright idea with furniture placement?

1 comment:

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Cute necklace, and the hutch with the china looks great!