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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sneaky Peeks!

Hi Everyone!

     Today I need to finish up all of my crafted Christmas gifts! Aaahhh, deadline! (okay, breeeathe)
But, I have some plans. And, here is a sneaky peek of said plans:

Can't wait to paint and gloss these! Little letter train cars connected with magnets that I found at Michael's.

This will be stained, puffed and fabric covered. Haven't chosen the fabric yet.


Shells. I love these!

Aren't these cool?
     Here is a little something that I pulled together using some of the plastic "stained glass" that my daughter and I painted a few days ago. These kits were $1.00 each from Dollar Tree.

I used curling ribbon to hang these little ornaments on the window.

I have a lot to do! I'd better get to work.


Molly said...

All those little things you've crafted, Christine are really gorgeous - somebody is going to be so thrilled on Christmas day. Have a blessed peaceful Christmas x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Christine,

Wow, you're a crafty girl!! Look at everything you're doing! That's pure craftiness!! I bet it'll all look completely lovely when its done!

I linked up to your party - sorry to be so late. :-(