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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hey Everyone!

     The sun is out today and I am so itching to get out and play with my new camera!!! But, alas, I am stuck inside my cubie at work. At least I have a big window :-D
     I did sneak outside for a few minutes to capture my latest crafty goodness. One of these kept me up late enough last night to see how Hawaii 5-0 turned out. I usually don't line action-y stuff like that but those 5-0 guys are HOT! Anyway, presenting to you:

The Maternity Purse

My best reuse / recycle project yet!
       Lol, it's not really maternity, its for anyone. But it was upcycled from a maternity top. A Salvation Army score from last week. The denim is cut from a long denim dress. To see my S.A. score and to see what this purse began as, please pay a visit to Adventures With Sally Ann.

Velvet cuff, bracelet, whatever you want to call it.
      I don't usually like wearing bracelets at work because it is so uncomfortable when typing. That may be why I am such a big fan of fabric cuffs. Redneck Chic introduced me to the concept and now I have been going crazy over these. These cuffs are so soft and comfortable and don't get in the way when I am typing. This cuff was made from a '90's style velvet dress. The dress could have been one of my bridesmaids dresses from my  '93 wedding. (If it were one of my bridesmaids dresses, it would have way outlasted the marriage....)  Go here to check out the tutorial.

     Today is so sunny and beautiful that it is hard to believe that we had snow this past weekend (it still hadn't melted yet as of this morning). By "we", I mean the mountain folk, not us valley people. We get the gorgeous view with out any of the trouble.....

California Style Snow

Santa Cruz mountains. Sunday, 2.20.2011. Seen from San Martin, California

Mount Hamilton. Sunday 2.20.2011. Seen from San Martin, California. The freeway below is Highway 101.

Coastal Range. Mount Hamilton is in this area. Monday 2.21.2011. Seen from Santa Clara, California
      Hope you are all having fun where you are!

* For my down-under readers: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families as you begin your recovery after the devastating earthquake in NZ. At the time of this post, 65 lives are confirmed lost and my heart aches for every one of them. I've been through quakes of this size and I am dumbfounded at the level of destruction in NZ. I am wishing for you all strength and a speedy recovery.*


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