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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

Hey Everyone!

     This is my third installment of Christine's Vanity Tuesday. To see the first two, check here and here.
Now its time for:


     Two weeks ago I had Ten items in my bucket list. Here is an update - I had said that I wish to see a bald eagle in the wild. The very next day, I did see my bald eagle, in flight. He was so beautiful and majestic. A few days later I spotted the nest in a tree near the freeway, near a lake. So, if I keep my eyes open I can see the eagles at least every couple of days. Loving it!!!
     I'll keep with my bucket list at least for this week. But this time, its childhood dreams which have been fulfilled. While I think its important to reach for our dreams, I believe that it is most important to honor the dreams of a little girl, even if that girl is me, grown up.

1. I wanted to have a daughter of my own. *See the kid with the horse below*
2. I wanted a son. Lol, I wanted the girl first, in case I had children of all one sex (I have 2 sisters and no brothers). I was so afraid of having 3 boys!! I had my boy first so luckily this worked out, with my girl being second.

He is a crafty one too....

3. I wanted a horse. This dream I fulfilled almost 9 years ago, during the month of my 33rd birthday. Last week I had to say goodbye to my girl :-(

    4. I wanted to live in the country. A place where you had to walk up the road to the mailbox and you had to "go into town" to get groceries. From 2002 until 2008 I did this, renting a house on a 20 acre working horse ranch as well as a trailer in the mountains, the access being a dirt road. Oh, that place had the most incredible views!!!
    5. I wanted to visit another country. I have been to England, Venezuela, Canada and several Caribbean islands (yes, I was on a cruise, but still....)
    6. I wanted to be a veterinarian. I didn't get there but I was a veterinary technician for several years. All the fun with none of the $$
    7. I wanted to be all grown up and married. I haven't figured out the grown up part yet but I did get married. Twice! Lol, FAILURE both times.....
    8. I wanted to be in <3 Love <3. I got that. For the past three years now, with my current beau, Christopher.

    Chris with out late dog, Mary.

    9. This is a more grown up wish - I wanted to own a house. That one finally came true in May 2010. Its awesome!!

      Its got the white picket fence and everything.....

      10. I wanted to cook like my grandmother. I remember when I was a kid, GG used to throw stuff together, she just magically knew how to prepare great dishes! When I asked her how she could make her dishes without following a recipe, she told me she just knew. Lol, I thought this was so cool. Yep, after years of trial and error and reading The Joy of Cooking, I can whip up awesome dishes without reading a recipe. Although, I do not promise that it will look pretty. Guess I can't have everything, right?


        Anonymous said...

        You really have accomplished a lot! :-) I am still totally envious of people who can whip a dish together without looking at a recipe. My husband can do it too, he's a great cook, but I have to plod along with the recipe, ha! Thanks for linking up!

        Tiffany said...

        Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes I'm in Texas and it went from snow storms to HEAT waves!! Like the blog :)

        Screaming Sardine said...

        Sorry to hear about your beloved horse, Christine.

        Tracy All Thumbs Crafts