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Friday, March 11, 2011

Text Number for Quake Relief Donations

     Oh my gosh, you guys, I am riveted to the news regarding the quake in Japan and the resulting tsunamis. Tsunamis have hit the California coastline and there has been damage to boats and docks in the harbors in the area. Our creek outside my cubie window connects to the San Francisco Bay so my co-workers and I have been checking to see if any water is sucking out of it. Totally normal level, I would be very suprised to see a real change but it is creating a small buzz here.....
     The Salvation Army has a text donation number. To donate $10, text Japan to 80888, then reply Yes to the confirmation message.
     My friend's husband was recently deployed to Japan and he had broken his ankle while there. He was finally able to come home to his family and was only minutes from boarding his plane in Tokyo when the quake struck. He is now stranded in Tokyo. I hope that you can please spare a small prayer for Steve and his broken ankle to make it home safely.

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