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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Girl Clothes

     Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th! We stayed home and had a barbeque and swim party for just my household. The four of us had so much fun in the pool, horsing around and having splash fights in the water. We went to the evening fireworks show and brought the dogs with us. Leaving them home was not an option as they became so panicked at the neighbors fireworks and firecrackers, they were a danger to themselves (as well as a danger to my house!). It was a good day and everyone stayed out of trouble ;-)
     On Saturday Chris and I hit a bunch of garage sales over the weekend. I bought a bunch of baby girl clothes to list on Ebay. I had recently read that a lot of people do well with baby clothes on Ebay and I figured that it was a pretty safe experiment as I didn't spend too much on the clothing. I plan to list them this weekend coming up. I have learned that if I list something at midnight on Tuesday night, I am likely going to miss most last minute bidders. I am shooting for Saturday morning or afternoon to do my listings. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love the kitty cat over the polka dots on this onesie.

There were a bunch of these type of dresses - a dress over a onesie.

This guitar onesie is the cutest, don't ya think?

This little ducky dress has matching hot pants. So cute!

Orange County Choppers onesie.

Love the bright pink on this cute cowgirl onesie.

This preemie sized pj is the absolute cutest!!

Another onesie dress.

This dress reminds me of something my daughter used to wear.

      I actually had some fun playing with these clothes! Some of them came to me with stains. With some stain stick and some bleach, I got a lot of the stains out,


Madison said...

Gorgeous ickle baby clothes. Even just looking at them is making me broody. I hope your experiment goes well. I'd love to join you though I think my husband and son will give me even stranger looks than they do already.

Madison xxx

Lesley said...

What great finds! I especially love that little pooh bear sleeper. So cute!

Anonymous said...

All they are looking very pretty.

baby clothes said...

Good selection,have a nice day

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

Hi! I am obseessed with kid clothes and I am interested to see how you do on ebay...I have been outbid everytime when I tried to purchase for my kids and I think I need to list their clothes on there. Just wondering if its worth the effort :)
Ps. Thanks for your sweet comments on my little table :0
Fancy Frugal Life

Daniela Zagnolli said...

healthy selection. nice blog