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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tweety Tote Bag

Hey Everyone! It seems that my daughter is a budding designer. Yay, me!! But really, she had fun with the crafting and overseeing of this project. She wanted to make a quilted tote for my sister's birthday present. What we did was to cut several denim squares and she chose a bunch of Tweety images from the internet and arranged them onto a document. I printed her images onto a sheet of iron-on paper and transferred it onto a piece of white sheet. I cut them into squared and we sewed these images onto some of the denim squares.

I showed my daughter how to cut the squares. She took over and cut about a dozen squares.

She arranged the layout of the squares and I sewed then onto the tote fabric. After all of the squares were sewn on, I sewed this tote. My daughter braided some of my floral scrap fabric and I attached these to the bag for handles.

Aren't all of these Tweetys adorable?

This would also make a cute diaper bag.

We stitched denim squares of 2 slightly different colors onto a third color of denim.
I wish that I could sell these bags. Since I don't have rights to these images, that would be a no-no. Oh well..... I have other fun ideas that are safe :-)


Anonymous said...

My mother is always having trouble finding purses that are capable of holding all of her stuff. She's also having trouble convincing me to clean out the "Pocketbook of No Return" again. I'm definitely going to make one of these for her; add a couple of pockets on the inside and a bunch of polka-dots, and my mom will be happy. Great idea! Instant inspiration. May I also thank you for saving me from cleaning out my mom's rubbish bin - I mean "purse" - again!

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