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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Colors Reversible Tote

Hey Everyone! I have been thrift shopping looking for my new bathroom vanities. I've also been playing around with the sewing machine and I completed my first reversible bag. To this bag I added some D rings to the straps and some iron-on interfacing between the layers. I'm not entirely sure that the interfacing is worth all of the trouble! I will say though, the bag is not quite as floppy as my others.

With an old housecoat and a very full denim dress I got this:

I often wonder what the Salvation Army people think of me with my housecoats and mumus.....

But I do like the fall colors on this. And I am so looking forward to fall! (Really, I am over summer and these high temps)

The inside of the bag.

Or the outside. Its reversible!

I love the denim with the pattern contrast.

And I'm loving the D-rings! I don't know why this didn't occur to me a long time ago.....Sometimes I'm slow like that.


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