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Monday, October 4, 2010

Antique Tablesettings

Hi Everyone

     I have a soft spot for antiques. I inherited this trait from my mother who began collecting antiques as a teen. I once took a vacation to Door County, Wisconsin and I tortured my aunt and my sisters because I wanted to stop at each and every antique shop we came across during our trip.
     I am especially partial to silverplate. I have trays, coffee serving sets, utensils and flatware. My obsession began with a beautiful tray. I bought it as a gift for my sister and took it home. It was there that curiousity overcame me and I looked at the bottom of the tray for some clues as to its origin. Oneida. Okay, I'd heard of Oneida before. After perusing the internet for several hours, I found out that this pattern was part of Oneida's Community collection, likely making the piece pre-1950. I was very intrugued.
         I began collecting silverplate, always picking up silverplate and checking the bottom of the pieces for the name. Wm. A Rogers, Rogers 1881 and International Silver Company began coming home with me. I spent so much time looking at all of the flatware at the thrift stores, antique stores and eventually, Ebay.
     While on the above mentioned trip, my sisters, aunt and I stopped for lunch at a super cute cafe in Wisconsin (I wish I could remember the town! There was great shopping). The table set was darling, with mismatched antique dishes and flatware. I could do mismatched flatware?? I looked at the bottom of my spoon. Oneida Community Plate. Now, I was truly smitten. That I could use my collection of mismatched flatware and make the setting look good was profound to me.
     In the seven years that I have been collecting silverplate flatware I have amassed a large enough collection to sit eight people and still have much left over. Even though I don't need any more pieces, I often find myself looking through the flatware at the thrift store to see what is hiding in there. My little obsession with antique flatware has spread to dishes and serving pieces. Limoges, both American and French, are collection worthy now too. My poor china hutch is bursting lately!

The best pieces in my collection.

I'd love to know what you are collecting. What captures your heart and where do you find pieces for your collection?

This American Limoges casserole got me started on collecting this platinum pattern. Found at a garage sale for $5.00!

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