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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Apron Upcycle Project

Hey Everyone! I had a dress in my stash of thrifted items that has been hanging around and teasing me for quite some time with its generous fullness of the skirt (= lots of fabric) and the cute print. I just love navy and white together! It can be formal or it can be casual and fun. My inspiration for this apron is a sweet, fluttery apron in a funky '70s print that I found recently at the local thrift store. As I worked with this apron I could tell that it was handmade, not store bought.

I thought that with the right fabrics I could bring this style of apron up to the current century.

Here is the inspiration. A handmade apron from the '70s.

Here I am with the bathroom mirror model of this apron. I think I look fairly perky considering that I did this at about        11 pm,

I cut a pocket from the leg of an old pair of jeans. The top is actually the side seam of the leg. I think that if I had tried to sew the actual pocket I would have gone through more than a few needles on the machine. I added my own applique to the pocket. If you have never made your own applique you can see how to do it here.

My intention is for this pocket to fray a bit on the edges.

I used some wide bias tape, folded in half and ironed, for the apron tie. I used white thread and sewed the entire perimeter of  the tape while sewing it to the apron.

Can you see the bias tape in this photo?

This was my first apron and I can see the mistakes here. It won't be going onto my Etsy shop, I think that I will keep her and give her love in my own kitchen <3.

P.S. My sister said that I should make this same apron using satin and lace and make it "naughty". What do you think? I'm sure that I can come up with some thrifted prom and/or wedding dresses and really glam it up (or trash it up, lol).


Donna said...

Super cute! I love the blue and white pattern. I don't usually wear an apron in the kitchen but I would totally rock this one!

Jenni R. said...

I think you did a great job on your apron! Way to upcycle! I need to take a look at what I have that I can use to make a pretty apron too (I've been wearing my husband's old job apron too long!).